The Basics of Computer Support Services...

There are a number of key points that should be addressed for all of your systems to live harmoniously and efficiently.

Desktop Support?

What systems live on staff desktops and what support is required?

Mobile Devices

What company information do staff access using their mobile phone or tablets?

Internet Access?

Is there an internet security policy or safe browsing policy enforced?

Secured and Safe?

How are client PCs or data secured from malicious code on the internet?

Internet Exposure

Your staff are secure but are you reaching prospective customers on the internet?

Exploiting the Cloud?

Can your staff benefit from greater and easier access to company data?

Important Considerations...

What are the most important pitfalls to avoid? Well here is a shortened list of some of the easiest steps that need to be taken to steer clear of being scuppered by viruses, outages or overspending.

Internet Outages


Perimeter Security


All-inclusive Support


Online Backup & Cloud Email


What can we do?

Get a Decent Internet Connection

Yes we all know that, if you cannot get FTTC fibre (what home users call fibre; Fibre To The Cabinet) then the cost of dedicated fibre can appear beyond consideration but I promise you, once you have switched you will never look back. Dedicated fibre makes your office a hub for all of your staff to connect to and makes working from home a breeze.

Get a Decent Firewall

Many of the antivirus systems available today essentially add work to every task you perform with your computer. When weighed up against what the outages, antivirus software can often fail to provide a return of investment. A cleaner, more effective option is to scan all Internet traffic and have a policy that prevents USB and DVD-ROM usage, or insists on scanning all media prior to use.

Check what your Contract Includes

Computer installations and upgrades (if you use traditional desktop machines) are usually the most common tasks provided by your computer support partners. For this reason it is imperative that some provision for these tasks are made within your monthly computer support contract and will be covered by your monthly retainer. Many computer support firms push the envelope for the technical staff:number of customers ratio and this will mean that the support staff are stretched and so their time is very valuable and so every task that occupies them is charged for on an individual basis to deter customers from hogging them.

Outsource the Easy Bits

Now that most companies have seen the light as far as Internet connectivity is concerned and have moved away from the old-fashioned 'one ADSL home connection for 50 staff' pitfall, it is time to make proper use of the Internet and enable company security (by using an online backup) and company effectiveness (by moving your email into the cloud.) Productivity increases and stress and costs decrease. Cloud email is simply cheaper to maintain and more relaible and everyone will know how to use it because they undoubtedly use it privately in their own lives already.